Strategic Project Planning


Getting off to a good start!

Early Diligence/Pro Forma Scope Development (Feasibility)

Early diligence shapes the project. It allows the impact of external factors, such as the municipal approval process and community influence, on scope, budget, and timeframe to be realistically integrated into project planning and delivery. NWB Consulting advocates the engagement of all key project participants as early as possible so that planning benefits from integration of expertise, better coordination, and efficiency.


NWB_Services_Project-Management_450746557_Sepia RWhere do deferred maintenance and capital projects meet? In the near future!

Master and Capital Projects Planning

Commercial/institutional owners who manage a significant portfolio of space and property holdings are continually faced with the challenge of simultaneously leveraging these holdings; supporting current needs, use, and programs; and planning for future expansion. NWB Consulting can assist with macro capital project planning and the development of capital budgets and project planning schedules to help owners reconcile their business objectives within tangible parameters. NWB Consulting can help owners develop practical strategic and phased delivery options and advance logistical planning.


Delivering consistent positive results.

Developing/Implementing Organizational Process

Owner/developers who have noticed a trend towards increased costs, lapsed schedules, and diminished quality should consider that their current or long-standing project planning and delivery approach has room for improvement. NWB Consulting can assist owner/developers in developing effective and efficient project planning through delivery infrastructures, processes and protocols, and model documentation.