Project Management


A project’s “trouble” often begins in the planning phase!
Project Planning Oversight

The only effective way to ensure a successful outcome is through a well-coordinated and integrated planning process. It is the paramount preconstruction service. Beginning with project team qualification and selection, NWB Consulting works to ensure that there are no gaps in responsibility.


NWB Consulting proactively coordinates project participants, focusing our attention on coordination among the owner’s retained design professionals. This ensures that documentation forming the basis of the owner’s engagement of a building professional adequately reflects the scope of the project and the environment and context in which it is being delivered. To ensure that the owner’s goals for the project are accomplished, NWB Consulting conducts ongoing constructability and logistical review and preconstruction procurement auditing during the planning process.


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Building is 80 percent procurement, 15 percent diligence, and 5 percent contingent risk, and should be managed accordingly.

Construction and Construction Management Services Procurement

Prior to bid solicitation, NWB Consulting routinely reviews the proposed agreement(s) that will form the basis of the owner’s relationship with the constructor and/or construction manager. Looking beyond the general obligations typical of most standard form agreements, NWB Consulting applies the key provisions that qualify the deliverable, set forth the process and protocols for interdisciplinary coordination of project participants, and append exhibits that facilitate project delivery. NWB Consulting works with the owner and owner’s counsel to add these provisions to the agreement, if absent. NWB Consulting develops requests for qualifications (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs) and coordinates the solicitation and prequalification process.


Once the bid process is underway, NWB Consulting then analyzes bid proposals and proposed schedules and logistical plans and advises the owner in selecting a building professional for construction and construction management services.


Management of contingent risk ensures delivery of specified performance and quality standards within the cost and time frame agreed upon.

Construction Phase Oversight

During construction, NWB Consulting manages owner-side obligations and provides vigilant oversight of the delivery process and workflow to manage potential threats to the construction schedule. NWB Consulting enforces the specified scope and the contractual obligations all project participants have to the owner.