Delivering a project on schedule and within budget
requires active management.
NWB Consulting accomplishes projects with early involvement
NWB Consulting accomplishes projects with rigorous diligence
NWB Consulting accomplishes projects with realistic parameters
NWB Consulting accomplishes projects with integrated planning
NWB Consulting accomplishes projects with participant coordination

NWB Consulting


… a novel, way better approach to accomplishing your project!


Regardless of how simple, straightforward, or narrow the scope, no project is ever routine, nor are any two projects alike. Successful projects—those completed on time and on budget—never happen by chance. To achieve the level of coordination required to manage risk and cost and avoid delays on your projects, rigor and vigilant management are needed.


NWB Consulting is that difference maker. In a building environment where there is a trend toward increased costs, lapsed schedules, and diminished quality, NWB Consulting offers owners well-coordinated planning, smooth delivery, and an optimal outcome.


NWB Consulting’s steady, effective guidance starts in the earliest stages of every project. Through pro forma budgeting, scouting potential sites/locations, and lease negotiation, our process begins with early diligence and macro-logistics when the ability to provide relevant impactful consulting can have a significant positive influence downstream.


This high-level coordination continues throughout every project. Assisting the owner with project team selection and providing diligent oversight during the planning phase, NWB Consulting advocates proactive coordination in a collaborative environment where every participant has a tangible stake in the project outcome. This project-centric, team-focused approach also helps establish an environment of knowledge sharing and proactive interdisciplinary coordination that helps mitigate unwelcome surprises.


*NWB recommends the use of model agreements developed with Tuttle Yick LLP